This Number.....all day.


Today, I started calling my dearest family & friends.  So much thought into it, is exhausting.  Who's gonna tell whom before one can hear it from me?  

Let me be clear, if you know me enough to know, I believe this is your journey too. Talk to whomever will help you process this.  I consider it all love.  Lord knows, I can't be that for you right now.

My people-rock. I knew before this how amazing they are the real deal. 

Tonight, I'm supposed to be at a fundraiser for a dear friend who has been fighting cancer since 2016.  

I didn't go.  I didn't explain. Not really the place I should be tonight.


This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been given a prognosis that sent me reeling, & I am not going to do that this time.

Although the words might be different, all the doctors are the same, the people are the same, & it’s just another thing to go through. I am really good at buckling down ' taking on the task with very little emotion. I asked you to pray and continue to pray without ceasing. But also include Doug in some extra love and attention. This man is so amazing and he just gets kicked in the gut all the time!