I mean.....right?!



Petscan Day

Pretty standard......

Drink gallon water day before & day of....no problem!  Except the water main had burst-& I was to pee in the toilet on everyone else's pee.  Um NO!  

So I hold it.  Its not emergent. 

Brian, the radiology tech was so nice.  Super easy....IV ✅ Insert radioactive device ✅......


He says I'll need to wait an hour for my body to absorb the device....no phone & no light (I guess it interferes with radioactivity 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Back in the day, Id welcome an hour in a dark room, all by myself.  BUT NOT NOW! About 2 minutes in....my thoughts took over......I began to pray, tears just rolled down my cheeks......then that tight chest feeling.......then the restricted breath.....then the friendly reminder my bladder is full......ONE HOUR?!  Grrrrrr. 
lots of breath work (Thank You Katie Flinn!) to get me thru!  

Brian comes in-I made it!  I mention, but my tone probably had more sass in it "Um....not the best idea to lock me in a dark room, with a HL diagnoses just 10 days ago! Come on man!"  

Now I get to pee. Brian kindly flushed the toilet for me........oh he knew I would not pee on too of a days worth of pee!  

The actual scan was easy! I fell asleep!  Closed my eyes & after my dark room drama......drifted off easily.  

I'm done!  I tell Brian Thank You!!!!  Then I say.....gosh its so weird to thank someone for a petscan for HL.....he giggles & says....."so much about cancer is just weird!"  & that was it.  He nailed it.  

Doug picked me up.....where I promptly smashed a Subway FOOTLONG!  I ate my anxiety!